No. For privacy and legality reasons, you will not find me on any advertising websites (Eros, Tryst, Slixa, P411, etc.) other than Twitter. I understand those who prefer to solely see providers that have the further verifications by being on those websites and I’m happy to provide personal reviews upon request

Acceptable forms of payment for my initial 25% deposit are: cash app (my cash tag is $camraye), or an e-gift card of my choice. For the remainder of my stipend, cash is my most favorable preference. However, my established clients are welcome to use: Zelle and PayPal should they wish to handle my stipend prior to our date.

No, and I feel that anyone who would try to make one probably won’t be the right fit for me, nor would I be the right fit for him. A true gentleman respects my time and won’t ever try to do so. I expect a minimum of 72 hours notice. Please and thank you.

Time is a luxury, and I am increasingly selective and exclusive with whom I spend it with – my personal wellbeing is top priority. I value exclusivity, discretion, and quality interactions and I choose to spend my time with men who value intellectual and emotional interactions as much as they do physical attraction, men with impeccable taste. I pride myself on offering the upmost experience for my client and in order for me to do so, I need to be engaged and focused, showing up both physically, as well as mentally. I am able to provide this type of experience by taking care of myself first and preferring quality over quantity engagements.


No spamming, and I respect your privacy. Xo

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